David Wheatley

A front-end web developer from West Sussex, UK


Usually, people's portfolio websites are super fancy, well-crafted, but also bloated and heavy. Not mine. This site is statically generated from fully-fledged React into simple, performant, and powerful HTML, CSS and Javascript with Gatsby.js.

I prefer simple websites. Websites which are responsive and perform well on all devices, no matter how old and slow. Websites are for everyone, so everyone should be able to use them, no matter their device or internet connection.

Take a peek at some projects that I've worked on over the years.


I've worked on several projects for multiple organisations, on top of contributing to the wider open source community.


Managed Flarum hosting, and custom development

As a full-stack web developer, I have…

  • Worked to project briefs to deliver new Flarum features
  • Created and upgraded existing open-source Flarum extensions
  • Integrated Flarum with other third-party services
  • Engaged in key communication with external clients


Free, open-source and extensible forum framework

As a front-end web developer, I have…

  • Improved accessibility
  • Replaced old JS libraries with newer and native methods
  • Pioneered CSS modernisation using grid and flexbox
  • Spearheaded the shift to Typescript and ES6+


UK mobile network with 1M+ members

As a freelance web developer, I have…

  • Discovered and fixed styling issues
  • Produced a dark theme for their community forum
  • Implemented new community features
  • Optimised stylesheets and Javascript

Techway Solutions

Industrial engineering services

As a mobile app developer, I have…

  • Created a app used for certifying industrial flues
  • Engaged with the client to ensure the specification is met
  • Provided ongoing maintenance for the app into the future
  • Interfaced with native APIs to implement complex features

What do I know?

I've got experience with quite a lot of technologies, which is always handy. Over the years, I've experimented with lots of different frameworks and languages, both new and old, allowing me to quickly and easily adapt to new technologies when needed.

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As a current student, I haven't completed all of my qualifications at the moment, so some of the courses below show my current (predicted) grades as opposed to my actual grades.

2022A-level Computer ScienceA*P
2022BTEC L3 Ext Cert - ComputingDS*
2022BTEC L3 Cert - BusinessDS*P
2021A-level MathsA*
P - predicted result (still studying)